Robust materials make our Thermos® products reliable companions that will last for years to come. A promise we want to keep without compromise and back up with our THERMOS® guarantee.

alfi GmbH Isoliergefäße, Metall- und Haushaltswaren [Insulated Containers, Metal and Household Appliances], Ernst-Abbe-Str. 14, 97877 Wertheim, Germany, grants consumers, for the THERMOS® range:

  • a two-year warranty on material and workmanship, and

  • a five-year warranty on in insulating performance (does not apply to ThermoCafé products).

For the purpose of this warranty, “consumers” are deemed to be any natural person who owns a THERMOS® product and did not purchase it for resale or within the context of their commercial business or freelance work. 


This warranty applies exclusively to products purchased in Germany and Austria. The warranty period shall commence as of the date on the purchase receipt for the product, however no earlier than on the date the product was received. The warranty is only valid for original end consumers, meaning consumers who were first to purchase the product from the manufacturer, from a dealer or from another natural or legal person who resells THERMOS® products within the context of their commercial business or freelance work.


In the case of a valid warranty claim, we may choose between providing a cost-free repair or cost-free delivery of a replacement part or a product of the same type. If the affected product is no longer manufactured, we reserve the right to supply a replacement product from our range that is as close as possible to the defective product. There shall be no further claims in excess of this.


If a claim arising from the warranty is met, this does not prolong the warranty period nor does a new warranty period begin, and statutory warranty claims do not arise from warranty claims met.

Exclusion of warranty:


alfi GmbH will not accept a warranty claim for damage caused by the consumer as a result of improper handling. The guarantee also becomes invalid in case of faults or defects arising from repairs and/or modifications implemented by unauthorised third parties. Moreover, alfi GmbH will also not accept a warranty for broken glass or capillary breakage. Wear parts, such as seals, plugs and lids as well as accessory items such as coffee filters, tea filters and cleaning accessories, are also excluded from the warranty.


If, when inspecting the THERMOS® product, alfi GmbH discovers that the existing fault or defect is not covered by the warranty, the inspection costs are payable by the consumer. alfi GmbH does not assume liability for transport-related risks.


Please note: The customer’s right to claim for defects in accordance with the law of the country in which the product was purchased is unaffected by the voluntary warranty of alfi GmbH.

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